Cavian (cavdirshel) wrote in foxtalerp,

IC: Civilization

"You're right about that, but then again looks are deceiving..." he turned back to the road, starting up the slightly steep incline. As they crested the hill on the path the trees began to thin along the sides of the road. Cavian smiled and bounded up on a fallen tree trunk along the side of the road. He looked down the hill and smiled, turning to Katogi a few yards back. "There it is Katogi, Braemar. A town of many opportunities and just as many secrets." He smiled back at her and then turned back to look over the horizon. Braemar sprawled lazily over the valley below, a small river ran through the northern end of the town bisecting the residential areas, easily dividing the richer housing from the poor.
"Well, let's go! Civilization awaits," Cavian smiled and hopped down off the log landing in front of Katogi.
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