Aeta Capella (zelgadisgwds) wrote in foxtalerp,
Aeta Capella

IC: Nurse Aeta

Aeta Kneels down by the mangled feline and begins bandaging starting with the tail, packing herbs under the bandage and working around to other seriously bleeding parts.

"I guess you are right about being lucky I was here. Your injuries don't seem to be too bad... but travel to the nearest town would be slow in your condition... and there are bandits about."

Finishes the last of the bandages and stands up,

"I'm no doctor, I got most of the major bleeding stopped. But we should probably see a healer when we reach town, just in case."

And then kneels down again, noticing the mangled weapon.

"My my this will not do. Well, my gravity impaired patient... Before you get up we are gonna have to see about getting that dysfunctional weapon off... 'cause that definately doesn't look safe in it's current condition. Do you mind?"

Aeta asked first, because he knew very well, that a person's weapon could be a very personal affect. And was not to be handled or taken without express permission by its owner. He had been raised with this idea his entire life, and nothing would convince him otherwise.
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