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Just The Beginning [entries|friends|calendar]
Fox Tale Role Play Continuity

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[21 Sep 2004|03:21am]

Jolith, eh? I would have to say to the southeast... is that where you fell from? 'because it is a pretty fair distance... the better part of a day's walk... if you follow the road, of course. But I seldom use the road, and by the looks of it, that isn't how you came here, either. Is it?
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[07 Sep 2004|07:38pm]

"I'll take your word for it" Aeta replied as he hauled the large cat out of the hole.

"So which direction did you come from, we'll start searching in that direction"
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IC: Civilization [06 Sep 2004|09:27pm]

"You're right about that, but then again looks are deceiving..." he turned back to the road, starting up the slightly steep incline. As they crested the hill on the path the trees began to thin along the sides of the road. Cavian smiled and bounded up on a fallen tree trunk along the side of the road. He looked down the hill and smiled, turning to Katogi a few yards back. "There it is Katogi, Braemar. A town of many opportunities and just as many secrets." He smiled back at her and then turned back to look over the horizon. Braemar sprawled lazily over the valley below, a small river ran through the northern end of the town bisecting the residential areas, easily dividing the richer housing from the poor.
"Well, let's go! Civilization awaits," Cavian smiled and hopped down off the log landing in front of Katogi.
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IC: Reflection [06 Sep 2004|08:55pm]

'I doubt they would have been after you...' she thought idly to herself.

"Indeed. They didn't seem at all the intelligent type," Katogi replied. "Though I guess to the casual observer I'm not much of a fight."

Her comments held no real weight as her eyes casually scanned the area about them. In the distance she could have sworn she heard a sound. A thump maybe. But present distractions made her uncertain. If they were surprised (and she severely doubted they would be) at least her odds had increased. For right now, anyway, things were looking up.

But then, how did things go down from a filthy prison floor?
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[05 Sep 2004|08:47pm]

"Well let's get you out of that hole, and we'll look around for your bag... perhaps it was only thrown a few yards from impact ^.^;"

Offers his hand to Kjatar

"err... exactly how was it that you became airborne, anyway?"
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IC: Prying [04 Sep 2004|09:24pm]

As Aeta worked on prying the Blades twisted mechanism from Kjatar's arm he looked down at the tattered man's belt.

"Um, I can only see one."

After some working Aeta managed to get the contraption loose, and slip the bent metal off of the cat's arm.

"Why? are there supposed to be more?"
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IC: Inquiry [04 Sep 2004|05:06pm]

Cavian chuckled at her comment about easy prey, "Then I suppose they should have looked for a different target. Then again, their next choice would probably have been me... and that would have been an equally bad decision." He paused for a moment, considering what he saw when she was assaulted. Continuing to walk but turning his head to look at her, "Where did you learn to fight like that anyways?"
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IC: is Golden [04 Sep 2004|04:46pm]

"Common bandits, I suppose," she speculated, easily hiding her lies with a flip of her ears, "trolling the roads for easy prey."
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IC: Silence [04 Sep 2004|04:43pm]

As Cavian continued to walk the silence of his new companion began to start to bug him a bit. "So... Katogi, what did those men want with you? Obviously they didn't pose to great a threat but still..."
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IC: Drifting [04 Sep 2004|02:04pm]

Katogi sneezed. (OOC: Bandits, indeed.)

Her nose began to itch again, her ears getting warmer. Shaking her head to relieve the symptoms, she continued on behind Cavian. She could easily hear his purse jingle, but kept her distance for the moment. With any luck, those two thugs wouldn't regain consciousness until she was well past this next town. She had seen them before and she doubted they would forget her face this time.

Keeping pace behind Cavian, her thoughts slowly drifted away, traveling through previous cities, trying to recall past them.

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IC: Nurse Aeta [04 Sep 2004|12:18am]

Aeta Kneels down by the mangled feline and begins bandaging starting with the tail, packing herbs under the bandage and working around to other seriously bleeding parts.

"I guess you are right about being lucky I was here. Your injuries don't seem to be too bad... but travel to the nearest town would be slow in your condition... and there are bandits about."

Finishes the last of the bandages and stands up,

"I'm no doctor, I got most of the major bleeding stopped. But we should probably see a healer when we reach town, just in case."

And then kneels down again, noticing the mangled weapon.

"My my this will not do. Well, my gravity impaired patient... Before you get up we are gonna have to see about getting that dysfunctional weapon off... 'cause that definately doesn't look safe in it's current condition. Do you mind?"

Aeta asked first, because he knew very well, that a person's weapon could be a very personal affect. And was not to be handled or taken without express permission by its owner. He had been raised with this idea his entire life, and nothing would convince him otherwise.
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IC: Aghast!! [03 Sep 2004|11:47pm]

Upon his approach to the impact site, the gruesome sight causes Aeta to put away his weapon and immediately go to aid the strange cat-like being from the sky.

"Well holy hell!"

Aeta quicky dashes across the clearing and grabs his small bag of provisions, digging though it in mid-stride. Aeta stepped into the impact crater, readying several turniquites (Sp) and some healing herbs, which had gathered recently.

"Hold still, my strange blue neighbor from the sky, while I assist you..."

Attempting to assess the damage Aeta asked the first relavant question that came to mind, "Tell me, without looking, are all of your limbs accounted for?"
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